The reward for good work is more work


Interim Director of Supply Chain and Innovation Lead for the commercialization of all of their cactus based product lines including their 12oz sleek cans, their kid's pouch product, and their RTD powder line.


Work directly with the CEO as the interim Director of Operations to manage all of their outsourced operations including New Product Commercialization, Vendor Management, Co-packer management, 3PL Management, and Inventory Analysis, as well as all the certifications for the successful launch of their nutraceutical energy drink line.

Todo Verde

Worked in collaboration with Victoria Ho and managed the development and launch of a trio of spice blends developed by renowned Influencer chef Jocelyn Ramirez. Worked with Jocelyn to onboard the Todo Verde Team to take over all of the outsourced operations post launch.

Becket's Tonics

Consulted with Beckett's Tonics to manage a move from one co-packer to another and spearheaded the onboarding and brand commercialization of the Beckett's Tonics product line for their celebrity-backed launch into Bevmo, Costco, and Amazon.


Consulted with the CEO of What the Future Venture Capital out of Will.I.Am's world famous design studio to advise on best practices for onboarding their 3D printing technologies into large scale Contract Manufacturing environments for the frozen novelty category.


Worked with Victoria Ho to commercialize the re-formulation and re-launch of their gut friendly Low Fodmap certified Nutrition Bars. Managed all of the vendors and the contract manufacturer for an innovative and sophisticated product launch. Worked to create high margin products with a thorough Cost of Goods Analysis and Consulted with the Co-founder and Director of Operations to teach them to take over the operations post-launch.

Kai Chase

Consulted with renowned Celebrity Chef Kai Chase to Find a Contract Manufacturer, Source all vendors, Create a Cost of Goods Margin Analysis on all products, and onboard a world class 3PL partner for a successful celebrity-backed DTC launch. Consulted with Kai Chase to onboard the team to take over all of the outsourced operations post launch.

Last of Seven

Worked with Victoria Ho to manage the RD development, launch, and commercialization of their handpacked carrot business. Also consulted with the CEO of Last of Seven on best practices for managing their outsourced operations and for launching and running their Shopify business.

Whipped Drinks

Manage the Contract Manufacturer for the RD Development and Commercialization of the Whipped Drinks product line for their successful product launch.

Caveman Coffee

Managed the sourcing, onboarding, and launch of their wildly popular D2C Nitro Cold Brew so they could move from in house production to fully outsourced contract manufacturing operations. The new ability to make more product resulted in a 100% increase in sales YOY while decreasing the overall overhead.

Salty Girl Seafood

Worked as the interim Director of Operations for a socially conscious wild-caught seafood frozen entree brand. Managed the B2B seafood business for private label meal kits as well as the RD, Commercialization, and Launch of their frozen entree bites for a National launch at Target.

Brave Star Selvage

Worked as the Interim COO for a rapidly growing DTC Men's Denim ecommerce business. Experienced 100% YOY growth and managed the Shopify Website, Customer Service Team, and Fulfillment for a multi-million dollar DTC business.


Worked as the interim Director of Operations for a premium celebrity owned sparkling water beverage company. Worked to manage the co-packer and all vendor operations as well as managing their launch and integration with UNFI and KEHE.

Defy Foods

Consulted with Defy Foods to help them with managing their co-packer trial runs and first production run, as well as helping to negotiate the Co-packer Operating Agreement in the lead up of their successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign.

Starlite Cuisine

Consulted with Starlite Cuisine to manage their move from a smaller contract manufacturer to a larger contract manufacturer to help with their surging National growth at Whole Foods and Sprouts. Managed the transition, onboarding, and negotiated the Co-packer Operating Agreement on behalf of Starlite Cuisine.

Adapted Nutrition

Managed the Head to tail development across multiple categories in the Keto hydration space with a focus on liquids and powders. Analyzed key Amazon sales data to inform competitive white spaces for Amazon based D2C products.


Managed all of the New Product Development and Innovation efforts for Kinderfarms. Spearheaded the commercialization efforts for their RTD beverages and powdered stick packs packs which gained 15,000 points of distribution within 1 year of business.

Tinley Beverage Co.

Consulting Engagement for best practices for starting a new co-packing facility. Tinley Beverage has now opened successfully with one of the only Cannabis beverage contract manufacturing facilities in the State of California.


Technical procurement support for packaging supply chain and dedicated co-packer search across multiple product lines for brands like Seventh Generation, Lipton, Knorr, Talenti, Dove, Ben and Jerry's, and more!


Managed the new product development and commercialization across multiple formats with Manuka Honey, including Propolis Sprays, Supplement Gummies, Lozenges, and Jar Honey.