Operations Management Launch Program

A 5 step commercialization consulting engagement designed for food and beverage entrepreneurs to effectively launch their products with an outsourced contract food manufacturer.


What is it

Launch program to help commercialize your product.

The product development cycle in the packaged food industry is a journey full of landmines. Because of this, most product launches take twice as long as projected, cost twice as much as projected, or worse, the majority of product launches never even make it out of the gate.

This is why I developed the Operations Management Launch Program. It’s a commercialization consulting engagement designed for emerging food brands launching (or re-launching) theirs.


I’m here to help you every step of the way of launching your product.

phase 1


Taking a deep dive into your recipes, process steps, and packaging system to ensure you are ready for a co-packer.

phase 2

Co-Packer Search

A Dedicated Co-Packer search to find a trusted partner for the right size and scope of your business to ensure smooth production.

phase 3

Supply Chain Build Out

Onboarding best-in-class Packaging and ingredient suppliers, freight carriers, 3PL Warehouses.

phase 4

Product Launch

Coordinating, overviewing, and managing pilot run and product launch production, overviewing, and managing pilot run and product launch.

phase 5

Optimize & Maintain

Continuing to manage your Operations during launch with an eye towards constant improvement.

Hey, I’m David

Your Operations Consultant for awesome CPG Brands.


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I help emerging brands accelerate their product development process by finding the right manufacturing partner for the size and scope of their business and offering key launch support along the entire process. I have had the pleasure to work with consumer products in the apparel and natural food/beverage industry specializing in commercializing products from an idea to a reality. To date, I helped drive the launch of 60+ CPG product lines to market.

I am HACCP Food-Safety certified, Operations Management Certified, Small Business Operations Certified, and hold a BA in Politics from the University of San Francisco as well as an M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship from the USC Marshall School of Business. I am passionate about developing products that are better for the world and I would love to hear more about your idea!

my experience

Trusted by 70+ CPG Brands

I have worked with brands for a range of entrepreneurs from family businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, A-list celebrities, and social media influencers.


The Difference

Investment Comparison

The Operation Management Launch Progress is perfect for pre-launch brands who are looking for support to launch their first product without the cost and work associated with hiring full time employees too early.

Operations Director
David Boyle CPG & Co.


More than working together


Executive Level Talent

Executive Level Talent at a fraction of the price of full-time work. Minus any loss of momentum from training.


Transparent Pricing

No equity share, no workers compensation insurance, recruiting fees, or Employer FICA/Social Security.



Executive Level Talent at a fraction of the price of full-time work. Minus any loss of momentum from training.



Flexibility to retain my services for product specific project in a month to month relationship. No commitments.

Start your journey now


Who it’s for

This program is for you if any of these apply:

You’ve sent out hundreds of emails to prospective co-packers with no meaningful responses. Similarly, you’ve spent hours going through directory listings to find the right co-packer, but those searches haven’t been actively vetted.

You have found a co-packer but not sure what to do next. You think this is the right group and you want to hold their interest as you find out if they are the right group. You’re not sure how to create a budget to cover the costs of working with them for the first 6-12 months.

There are specific issues with your current co-packer and you need help deciding are the issues symptoms or root causes and whether you should repair or replace your current packer, assuming they are the source of the symptoms.

You need additional production and need to assess whether it can be found at the existing co-packer or requires a move to an additional or larger co-packer without disruption to existing business and new opportunities.

This is your first time launching a food CPG product and you would like assistance at the start of the process to make sure you have taken all the necessary steps to vet your product concept and how to navigate the next steps of negotiating then working with a contract food manufacturer.

Get Started

Your successful CPG journey starts here.

The Operation Management Launch Includes:

Co-Packer Search
Supply Chain Build Out
Optimize and Maintain


I have answers.

Are you a co-packer?

No, I am a consultant who helps you to find and launch a product with a co-packer. I take you through a tried and tested process to launch a product, but since I am not the actual manufacturer.

Do you just consult?

We are equal parts consulting and execution. The goal is to take things off your to-do list, not add to it. In addition to a weekly call, we take a full hands on approach to be the main POC for all of your suppliers and drive the launch of your product and manage your supply chain operations.

Do you take a kickback?

Unlike some consultants, we do not take any “kickback” or try to add a margin to your cost of goods. The pricing is 100% transparent in the form of a monthly retainer payment

Do you take equity?

Although it is open as an option in some cases, we do not require brands to give any equity even if we ideate, develop, and launch 100% of the product.

Does this program mean our product will be a success?

What I offer is a process but not a product. Many brands go through this process and realize that their product is not something that can launch because it doesn’t make sense because of low margins, low supplier availability, or high MOQs from co-packers. This program is about getting operational hands-on expertise to help you manage your product launch, but we can not guarantee any outcome.

Operations Management Launch Program

Let’s launch your food and beverage brand, together.